AutoML: Methods, Systems, Challenges (first book on AutoML)

Editors: Frank Hutter, Lars Kotthoff, Joaquin Vanschoren

This is an open-access book; here is an entirely free complete PDF of the book, and a bibtex entry for it. Below, you can find the individual chapters and bibtex entries for them. If you would like to purchase a hard cover, please see Springer’s website for the book, or order the book on Amazon.

Preface. By Frank Hutter, Lars Kotthoff and Joaquin Vanschoren

Foreword. By Zoubin Ghahramani

Part 1: AutoML Methods

This part comprises highly up-to-date overview chapters on the common foundations behind all AutoML systems.

Chapter 1: Hyperparameter Optimization [bibtex]. By Matthias Feurer and Frank Hutter

Chapter 2: Meta Learning [bibtex]. By Joaquin Vanschoren

Chapter 3: Neural Architecture Search [bibtex]. By Thomas Elsken, Jan-Hendrik Metzen and Frank Hutter

Part 2: AutoML Systems

This part comprises in-depth descriptions of a broad range of available AutoML systems that can be used for effective machine learning out of the box.

Chapter 4: Auto-WEKA [bibtex]. By Lars Kotthoff and Chris Thornton and Holger H. Hoos and Frank Hutter and Kevin Leyton-Brown

Chapter 5: Hyperopt-Sklearn [bibtex]. By Brent Komer and James Bergstra and Chris Eliasmith

Chapter 6: Auto-sklearn: Efficient and Robust Automated Machine Learning [bibtex]. By Matthias Feurer and Aaron Klein and Katharina Eggensperger and Jost Tobias Springenberg and Manuel Blum and Frank Hutter

Chapter 7: Auto-Net: Towards Automatically-Tuned Neural Networks [bibtex]. By Hector Mendoza and Aaron Klein and Matthias Feurer and Jost Tobias Springenberg and Matthias Urban and Michael Burkart and Max Dippel and Marius Lindauer and Frank Hutter

Chapter 8: TPOT: A Tool for Automating Machine Learning [bibtex]. By Randal S. Olson and Jason H. Moore

Chapter 9: The Automatic Statistician [bibtex]. By Christian Steinruecken and Emma Smith and David Janz and James Lloyd and Zoubin Ghahramani

Part 3: AutoML Challenges

This part provides an in-depth analysis of all AutoML challenges held to date.

Chapter 10: Analysis of the AutoML Challenge series 2015-2018 [bibtex] [online appendix]. By Isabelle Guyon and Lisheng Sun-Hosoya and Marc Boull ́e and Hugo Jair Escalante and Sergio Escalera and Zhengying Liu and Damir Jajetic and Bisakha Ray and Mehreen Saeed and Michele Sebag and Alexander Statnikov and Wei-Wei Tu and Evelyne Viegas